For centuries, the touchstone was used to determine the quality of gold. Working with Touchstone Executive Coaching you will test your mettle, uncover your hidden qualities, and shine with your greatest brilliance.

I believe that each of us can have the professional and personal life we desire. Working with me will enable you to articulate a vision and create a plan to achieve lasting, meaningful transformation.

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Executive Coaching

Wanting more out of your leadership experience … you know it’s possible … become the leader you’re meant to be

Team Coaching

Ready to maximize your team’s performance … reset your team dynamics and clarify goals … get alignment for success …

Life Coaching

Feeling stuck in work, relationship, life in general … ripe for change and wanting a clear plan forward …

Couples Work

Relationship fizzled, frazzled, or distressed … or wanting to supercharge an already dynamic marriage…

I value the perspective of having a mentor guide me through difficult situations and provide me resources to improve my life. Michael is compassionate, resourceful, and uplifting. Working with Michael has brought a balanced perspective and approach to all aspects of my life.


The deepest learning through coaching was the ability to recognize my inner power and who I show up as in a situation, whether it is a work meeting or sitting down with my children. My experience with Michael has had a tremendous impact in my development and the direction I have taken my career.


Working with Michael was an incredibly transformative experience. He listened, foremost, and helped me identify the challenges I was having personally and professionally while helping me identify my core strengths and values. His approach was methodical and thoughtful and included several valuable tools I could use to continue on a path toward greater personal and professional satisfaction. I highly recommend Michael’s services regardless of where you are on your own personal and professional journey.


Michael is very intuitive, organized in his thinking, and methodical. He was able to help me to find direction in the midst of chaos. Michael helped me to recognize self-limiting mindsets and open up to broader possibilities – both personally and professionally.


How will working with a coach help me?

In today’s world there are many things that demand our attention and time. Our challenge is to live a life focused on our purpose, seeking balance rather than succumbing to distraction and overwhelm. It doesn’t mean the path isn’t fun; it’s simply turning toward a path of choice!

Here’s what some of my clients have said about the impact of coaching on their professional and personal lives …

“… coaching allowed me to look from the outside in and understand what my greatest fears were and the humble recognition of being human. The outcome is really up to me and what I want to achieve.” 

“Investing in yourself as a person, will lend itself to a balanced perspective and approach to all aspects of life.”

“… to focus on myself to acheive my personal best.” 

“… the system of analyzing my personality traits and understanding where they come from has been very valuable in dealing with a number of highly stressful situations.”

“The greatest value from coaching was the ability to recognize I am not perfect, I make mistakes and I have the power to visualize my personal values in my future.”