Leadership Coaching

I believe that leaders are created, not born. Leadership skills can be learned through inquiry, study, and observation but are acquired through the daily practice of leadership in action. What differentiates exceptional leaders from the average is mindfulness, intention, and action. 

Leadership Coaching is for all levels of leaders who want to develop and hone their leadership skills. I work with leaders at all levels of an organization to identify strengths and areas of opportunity to unlock their next level of leadership opportunity.

I can help transform your leadership through:

  • Maximizing individual and team engagement by increasing emotional and social intelligence  
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency by identifying and clarifying internal roadblocks to success
  • Greater satisfaction in role through clarifying your leadership brand and values
  • Achieving reliable success through identification and commitment to near- and long-term achievement goals
  • Shifting from a management mindset to embodied leadership 
  • Cultivating deeper leadership qualities and presence
  • Unlocking team dynamics
  • Finding balance on the professional and personal tightrope

What people are saying about coaching with me:

Michael has been fantastic and this has been a life changing experience for me. His coaching was accessible, not daunting, and memorable from one call to the next. I heave drawn on our conversations and the key takeaways. I learnt very personalized and relevant actionable tools which have had a great impact on me both professionally and personally. I felt very comfortable being totally honest and vulnerable with Michael. He was always able to offer a totally new perspective which has really gotten me “out of my own way.

Marie C.
Director of Design 

“Michael was very good at challenging me and encouraging me to dig deeper, I think he did a great job of helping me to unlock my potential and my voice. The coaching sessions helped me to find the courage and confidence in myself to speak-up and to have my voice heard as a leader.”

Chris B.
National Accounts Manager
Michael Allwright

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