Life Coaching

I believe that we are all called to live a life of purpose and meaning. Some hear that call more clearly than others; many of us benefit from the focus and support of a guide along the path. Turning fully towards a purposeful life requires courage and an intense focus to bring about deeply transformational change.

In today’s world there are many things that demand our attention and time. Our challenge is to live a life focused on our purpose, seeking balance rather than succumbing to distraction and overwhelm. It doesn’t mean the path isn’t fun; it’s simply turning toward a path of choice! 

“Michael is very intuitive, organized in his thinking, and methodical. He was able to help me to find direction in the midst of chaos. Michael helped me to recognize self-limiting mindsets and open up to broader possibilities – both personally and professionally.”

∼ Kristin

I assist my clients through a powerful yet simple three-steep process of visioning, goal-setting, and action:

Step 1. 

Bring forth a transformational vision of a purpose-filled future-self through humor, candor, and inquisitiveness. Identify and claim values while clearing out obstructive mindsets.

Step 2. 

Create meaningful and actionable goals (with plenty of stretch in them!) as the path’s stepping stones.

Step 3.

Engage accountability with a firm and compassionate hand to progress toward greater fulfillment.

Throughout this process I also help clients hear and identify their inner, and sometimes external, saboteurs. These saboteurs fill us with doubt and keep us from fiercely engaging our life purpose. Through the practice of saboteur awareness clients become conscious of what holds them back and can choose to turn their focus towards being in the moment and a more fulfilling future. 

Michael Allwright

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