Michael E.

Of all the years in the industry (nearly 30years), it is still very challenging to find those leaders that challenge and inspire you for long term growth. To find a leadership coach and leader like Michael has been a huge benefit and timely for my professional and personal growth. His ability to establish and sustain trust while offering practical solutions on how to effectively handle challenging leadership issues, mind shifts in myself and me to help others has not only been helpful for my professional growth, but also is carrying over to my personal life. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone interested in growing their leadership skills.

Lisa Miguez

I started working with Michael a year ago when I was struggling to define what I wanted out of my career – and how it connected with my values. Michael is truly an inspiring and caring coach – who tells it like it is. He challenged me to be more honest with myself, helping me to be clear on what my values truly are (and not what I thought others expected them to be) – with many ah ha moments along the way as I worked through what kind of career I want to create, and what kind of leader I want to be. Michael is an exceptional guide if you are on a career (or life!) journey, regardless of what road you find yourself wandering down.

Mark Bergeland

I had the great pleasure of working with Michael who was my coach through four individual sessions from February to June of 2018. The coaching sessions with Michael were an important part of a broader leadership training program at my company. Michael brings a great deal of personal and professional experience to his work. He is very personable, knowledgeable and sincere, making it easy for me to engage in meaningful discussions with him. Through Michael’s coaching, I was able to explore my personal value system – what is important to me as a leader – and establish leadership goals for myself and my team that are consistent with those values. Michael offered a variety of practical management tools that I have been able to use effectively in my day-to-day interactions with others. He provided just the right level of encouragement and accountability to keep me challenged and growing, focusing on successes along the way. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Michael and would recommend him to anyone interested in personal and professional growth.